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Div, grad, curl and all this

The title of this post is a nod to the excellent and well-known Div, grad, curl and all that by Harry Schey (and perhaps also to the lesser-known sequel to one of the more consoling histories of Great Britain), and the purpose … Continue reading

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Upper curvature bounds and CAT(K)

I am currently teaching a class at the University of Chicago on hyperbolic groups, and I have just introduced the concept of -hyperbolic (geodesic) metric spaces. A geodesic metrix space is -hyperbolic if for any geodesic triangle , and any … Continue reading

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Second variation formula for minimal surfaces

If is a smooth function on a manifold , and is a critical point of , recall that the Hessian is the quadratic form on (in local co-ordinates, the coefficients of the Hessian are the second partial derivatives of at … Continue reading

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