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Filling geodesics and hyperbolic complements

Patrick Foulon and Boris Hasselblatt recently posted a preprint entitled “Nonalgebraic contact Anosov flows on 3-manifolds”. These are flows which are at the same time Anosov (i.e. the tangent bundle splits in a flow-invariant way into stable, unstable and flow directions) and contact … Continue reading

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Quasigeodesic flows on hyperbolic 3-manifolds

My student Steven Frankel has just posted his paper Quasigeodesic flows and Mobius-like groups on the arXiv. This heartbreaking work of staggering genius interesting paper makes a deep connection between dynamics, hyperbolic geometry, and group theory, and represents the first significant progress … Continue reading

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Rotation numbers and the Jankins-Neumann ziggurat

I’m in Melbourne right now, where I recently attended the Hyamfest and the preceding workshop. There were many excellent talks at both the workshop and the conference (more on that in another post), but one thing that I found very interesting … Continue reading

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Hyperbolic Geometry Notes #5 – Mostow Rigidity

1. Mostow Rigidity For hyperbolic surfaces, Moduli space is quite large and complicated. However, in three dimensions Moduli space is trivial: Theorem 1 If is a homotopy equivalence of closed hyperbolic manifolds with , then is homotopic to an isometry. … Continue reading

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Knots with small rational genus

I recently uploaded a paper to the arXiv entitled Knots with small rational genus, joint with Cameron Gordon. The genesis of this paper was a couple of nice (and related) talks at Caltech by Matthew Hedden and Jake Rasmussen in … Continue reading

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Quasimorphisms from knot invariants

Last week, Michael Brandenbursky from the Technion gave a talk at Caltech on an interesting connection between knot theory and quasimorphisms. Michael’s paper on this subject may be obtained from the arXiv. Recall that given a group , a quasimorphism … Continue reading

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Second variation formula for minimal surfaces

If is a smooth function on a manifold , and is a critical point of , recall that the Hessian is the quadratic form on (in local co-ordinates, the coefficients of the Hessian are the second partial derivatives of at … Continue reading

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